“Orphan by Heart” Game

The purpose of this game is to make people sympathize with orphans by putting the players in their shoes.

The game scenarios were inspired by observing real orphans, asking people who deal with orphans, and watching videos of orphans talking about their life experiences.

I would appreciate it if you leave a comment telling me your opinion about the game.

Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd2GxAw6iPKAjaqVt8UhjNiSEaAY-ZN40MuoDZHr8KK7l7mYA/formResponse


8 thoughts on ““Orphan by Heart” Game

  1. This is so good, Pansee..and I can see directly how you benefited from Nahla al Nimr’s video and our discussion in class. I was really touched by the way you did this. It is really good as it is but can be slightly improved by some more details…for example, I don’t have any siblings and some people have just one… i do not think 3-4 is average at all 🙂
    I also would like to understand a bit more some of the reactions you give for orphans situations such as why they cannot go out alone and such. Men and women alike?
    Are there other circumstances worth covering that are important to an orphan? How are you getting your info on these things other than Nahla’s video? She speaks also about career choice…consider adding that in.

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  2. I think the game is really nice. Just felt that people would probably all choose the same answers as its mentioned in the facts,so you might want to change the choices and their consequences a bit so its not obvious much. All in all, its a great idea with a great purpose best of luck.

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  3. I really liked the whole idea behind the game and how each answer led to a reply or a comment with a small fact that gives a taste into an orphan’s life. However, I didn’t like how all the answers were previously guessed because you already assumed that we were all going to pick more or less the same thing.

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  4. I like the game, and seems you put a big effort in it. However, I would suggest you edit the one question with the brothers and sisters, because it is not necessary that you are an orphan to have more than 4 siblings…. Also, put your mind the possibility that an orphan actually plays the game.. will he/she feel worse about their status..? is it always that bad? 20 siblings? 4 mothers? I know you probably wanted us to empathize to how hard their lives may have turn out to be, but.. I am just thinking of what an orphan would feel playing the game.. just a thought that doesn’t necessarily have to be valid. Other than that, it is very good and thoughtful! Bravo 🙂

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    1. Good point to consider what if an orphan plays it. We also said in class that someone may lose one parent so have some things in common but not be the type of orphan Pansee means


  5. So I played again after your edits Pansee..and it is better but I had two comments
    A. The marriage one is missing a dimension which is that quite often families will not accept for their child to marry an orphan at all
    B. The one about work does not sound that clear to me.

    The siblings one …you went the other way. I think you need to include 0,1,2,3,4 and then add more than 4.

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