“Orphan by Heart” Game

My game will be tackling the topic of how orphans feel and how they’re deprived of the simple basic things that we take for granted and do not give such great value. Scenarios that the players will go through will have the format of a question that puts the player in the shoes of the orphan and then commenting on the point discussed in the question by emphasizing the orphan’s situation in this point, for example 1) Q: how many moms do you have? C: you probably answered 1 but imagine having 5 moms throughout your life, none of whom is your mom who gave birth to you. 2) Q: how many sisters do you think you can have throughout your whole life? C: you probably answered average of 3-4 sisters/brothers but imagine having 20 sisters/brothers from the second you’re born. 3) Q: regarding your physical appearance, which member of your family looks very similar to you? C: you probably answered “my mom, my sister, my brother, etc.” but imagine having 20 sisters and 5 mothers/fathers, none of whom has the same features as you do. I’ll ensure good information about the topic by primary research (personal experience) because I go to an orphanage, and I see and observe how they live, how they feel, and how they appreciate the simple things and moments in life much more than we do simply because we’re used to having these things while orphans do not have these “normal” things. For instance, having a normal traditional family where you all look similar, you have one dad and one mom, and you have an average of 3 sisters/brothers, are all simple, normal, basic things that you usually do not give such great value but to belong to a certain entity (a family) is the dream of every orphan.


5 thoughts on ““Orphan by Heart” Game

  1. Sounds great Pansee. I am glad you have personal experience but make sure you speak to older orphans because they can give a lot of unexpected insights. For example one of them once td me she hated it when people visited them with gifts because it made her feel like a charity case and not good… She also hated that she had no choice over when a visitor would drop in and whether she could choose to interact with them… Things like that.

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  2. Love the idea. You can also include in one of your questions “a girl that is forced to marry someone at the age of 21 and has to leave the orphanage because she cannot belong to this place anymore”, this situation already happens and I heared about it a lot. You can add this if you like! Good luck 🙂

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  3. Great idea Panse. I think most people our age and in certain social classes tend to take for granted little things such as just having 2 healthy parents. I think it’s great that you would want to raise awareness on the things some people don’t get to have and how we can be a s source of help to them.

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  4. I love the idea and I think it is different. However, I think you may specify more who the orphan is and where does he/she live now. Also, I am afraid the sequence of the question become misleading by any chance, so just be careful while putting them in order. Other than that, it is cool. Great Job!

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